Dear Members and Friends,

FSOSW has continued to involve its collaborative partners and healthcare professionals to educate the community they serve along with their patients, families and caregivers about getting screened for early lung cancer detection and/or obtain preventive care for lung disease.

During this unprecedented time, the COVID-19 restrictions has hampered health fairs and other face to face opportunities but we have been successful which definitely is attributed to your participation.

Click below for great information to share with your centers and patients, from the American Lung Association(ALA). The ALA devised one for each State so the one below is for Florida and very impressive with statistics on diversity and access to care for the needy patients ie uninsured, underinsured to improve early diagnosis and treatment that leads to longer survival and quality of life.

Who Should Be Screened for Lung Cancer

Is Lung Cancer Screening Right For Me?

Be on the look out for more information to come!

Bettye Bradshaw, MSW, LCSW &
Dr. Christina Austin-Valere, PhD, LCSW